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The 30-Second CV Test: Would You Hire Yourself?

by Georgia Rex 13 Aug 2023 0 comments
The 30-Second CV Test: Would You Hire Yourself?

Hey yacht crew!

Let's dive straight into the 30-Second CV Test – a quick guide to catching attention, landing interviews, and making your CV a superstar. Get ready for practical tips that will people reading your CV thinking "wow, that's who we need!"


The 30-Second CV Test

Imagine this: you're a recruiter swamped with stacks of CVs. Your mission? Sort through them in a flash. Don't worry, though – I've got your back with the 30-Second CV Test.

CV Checkpoints: Go through your CV and tick off these points

1. Looks Matter: Is your CV visually appealing? Is everything in place and easy to read? Make it smooth for the reader's eyes.

2. No Mystery Identity: Can anyone tell who you are and what role you're aiming for? No guessing games!

3. Stand Out: Are your achievements shining like stars on a clear night? No more blending in – it's time to stand tall.

4. Skills Spotlight: Are your skills highlighted in a way that, in the words of Rihanna, makes them shine bright like a diamond? Each skill should pop!

5. Story time: Can someone breeze through your CV and feel your journey coming to life? Ensure your experiences tell a story that's captivating and worth exploring.

6. Profile Perfection: Does your profile make you think, "Heck yeah, I'd hire me!"? It's the first thing people see – make it intriguing and engaging.

Unleash Your Personality

Here's where you'll stand out. It's not just about skills – it's about showing who you are. Share SHORT stories that define you – the times you nailed challenges, did something awesome at work and whatever it is that makes you YOU. But you want to have these SHORT and to the point.

Don't write a whole paragraph about one specific thing you did, but you can add a sentence about it to your profile, e.g. "I excel at making cocktails, and love to create my own syrups, one of my favourites being..."

See, short and the point, but shows personality!

The Verdict: Ready for Action?

Now, the big question: would you hire yourself? If your answer's a confident nod, you're on the right track. If not, no worries! Give it a second go and infuse your CV with your essence.

Craft your CV thoughtfully, sprinkle in your stories, and let your personality shine. You've got this!

Love, Georgia
Feel free to let me know if this version is more aligned with your preferences or if there's anything else you'd like to adjust! 🚀📚

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