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CV Buzzwords: A Game of Hide and Seek

by Georgia Rex 20 Aug 2023 0 comments
CV Buzzwords: A Game of Hide and Seek

Hey there, junior crew! Let's have a heart-to-heart about CV buzzwords – those flashy phrases that are supposed to make your CV stand out. But let's be real: no one's excited about hiring a "dynamic team player" who just blends into the crew.

In this post, I'm skipping the fluff and diving into the world of buzzwords to uncover what truly makes your CV unforgettable. Get ready to play the ultimate game of hide and seek with buzzwords, and become the standout candidate you're meant to be.

The Buzzword Baffle: Breaking It Down

Imagine you're diving into a sea of CVs, and every second one claims to be a "detail-oriented multitasker." Sounds impressive, right? Wrong. These buzzwords are everywhere. Recruiters have seen them so often that they've lost their sparkle. It's time to switch things up and avoid the buzzword trap.

No More Vanilla: Spice Up Your CV

Let's get practical. Instead of stating you're a "problem solver," let's go deeper. Imagine you're a stewardess faced with last-minute changes to a high-profile event. You don't just solve problems; you come up with solutions that ensure the event goes off without a hitch. Highlight such moments in your CV to paint a clear picture of your skills.

Action Speaks Louder: Show, Don't Tell

Remember that time you were part of a crew facing a tight deadline, and your ability to communicate and coordinate kept everything on track? That's gold right there. Instead of merely claiming you're a "team player," showcase this incident to prove it. Actions resonate far more than buzzwords ever will.

Create Your Unique Path: Tailoring is Key

Your journey is your own story. If you're applying for a role that values adaptability, share how you transitioned from housekeeping to stewardess, showcasing your flexibility and quick learning. Tailoring your CV like this shows that you're not just spewing buzzwords but embodying real value.

The Recipe for a Standout CV: Genuine Descriptions

Junior crew, your CV should be as authentic like YOU. Instead of using buzzwords, showcase real accomplishments. For instance, detail how your brilliant organisational skills transformed chaotic onboard events into seamless, memorable experiences, or jam-packed, cluttered storage spaces into tidy, well organised spaces. Recruiters want the truth, not buzzword-laden filler. And you should be showing YOURSELF off!

Conclusion: A CV That Speaks Your Story

The buzzword game is old news. Your CV should showcase YOUR journey and the value you bring to a crew. Let your real-life stories do the talking, and say goodbye to buzzwords that water down your awesomeness.

Remember to keep these short and to the point. Pick out 3-4 examples you're really proud of and add them into your profile!

Love, Georgia

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