DIY Templates + Video Training

Welcome to my DIY CV Templates Collection, designed for superyacht crew members in every department - Stewardesses, Deck Crew, Chefs and Engineers!

The beauty of these templates lies in their adaptability. You have the freedom to choose any template regardless of your specific role and completely personalise it to suit YOU. (The colour, fonts and literally everything on it can be changed to suit you too!)

With the DIY Templates, you get:

  • A fantastic editable, Canva template (super easy to use, don't worry!).
  • An incredible prerecorded 2-hour video training, where I will guide you step-by-step through the whoooole process of writing yourself a PHENOMENAL CV, with all of my best tips and tricks to stand out from the crowd, and ensure you're 1000% selling yourself, your personality, your skills and how amazing you are!
  • A 32-page accompanying ebook, with even more tips AND heaps of real-life examples of transferrable skills you can put on your CV if you're new to yachting!

There is SO much competition for every singe yachting job these days, and even more so since Below Deck took to our screens! So it's more important than EVER to have a CV that really, really stands out.

You'll be able to refer back to these throughout your yachting career every time you want to update your CV.

Creating a brilliant, standout CV has never been this easy. Simply pick the template that you love, and with the help of Canva (an amaaazing, completely free design tool - super easy to use!), customise it to reflect YOU, your unique skills and experiences.

No fuss, no complications – just straightforward CV creation tailored to your needs. 

Check out the Collection today and let's take that first step towards your DREAM superyacht job!